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Tweak It Originality

4 Oct

“Be yourself.  Everyone else is taken.”

All of my friends (both of them) have Faerie Gardens.  I love the concept but I haven’t been into faeries since I stopped working at that one restaurant.  (See: stereotypes)   

And then I noticed this large, misshapen dish I bought at a pottery clearance sale.  The dish was on sale because it came out misshapen.  The dish was also on the front porch filled with squirrel food.  What else do you do with a reject piece of pottery?

And then I came across this small goddess statue that I purchased during one phase of my life when I was doing the goddess thing.  That did not go as well as hoped for.  Perhaps more about that later.

Are you following this or do I need another cup of coffee?  At any rate, I scooped up some gravel from the driveway and bought some fake greenery along with some air plants, which contrary to their name do not live on air alone.  It took me three batches of air plants until I found that out.  You need to dip/soak them in water about once a week.  There – I saved you  some time and money.  You’re welcome.

Well, here is my creation.  I call it a Goddess Garden.  Moral of the story – think outside the box.  And maybe question who made the box.



She’s in my kitchen saving me from cooking disasters.  Don’t I wish!

Loveya – The Grandma