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Cooking for the Kids – Horror

7 Oct

“Just because you’re not sick, doesn’t mean you’re healthy.”

I stopped at one of my favorite restaurants the other day to pick up an order of BBQ Chicken Wings.  Yahoo!  I love chicken wings.

While I waited I had the pleasure of watching a cooking show where a mom, God bless her, who was homeschooling her kids, was also taking time to make them home cooked meals.

The show began with her making a large batch of mini-blueberry muffins the night before to make breakfast easier.  Good planning, mom!  Unfortunately, the mini muffins were the only item on the breakfast menu.  A big handful of sugary sweet muffins along with a glass of milk.  Not a great nutritional start to the day.

But then after a few lessons where the kids showed off their abilities to memorize dates in history, mom sent them outside to do science experiments while she prepared a snack for the little scholars.

So mom took graham crackers and spread half with peanut butter and half with hazelnut chocolate spread.  I was getting nervous.  Next she roasted some marshmallows right on her stovetop and inserted the melty marshmallows between two of the crackers.  Not a quitter, mom then dipped the sandwiches in melted chocolate, either milk chocolate or white chocolate.  I really didn’t think this snack could get any worse, but it did.

Setting her snack creations out to dry mom sprinkled some with crushed pretzels and some with rainbow sprinkles.  Can you say sugar rush.

Really?  This is a cooking show to instructs people on how to feed their kids?  And we wonder about ADD.  Really?  Nothing more to say, except – 

Loveya – The Grandma