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CT Diet

31 Dec

“Yes, but first you have to…”

I follow this blog about minimalist living.  That simply means getting rid of stuff, and not only material stuff.  There are so many advantages to this that there isn’t enough space to sum it up in a few words.  Check out becoming minimalist.

BUT… There was one other thing I wanted to minimize and that was the size of my body.  I had put on a few pound over the last few years and wasn’t getting very far with my efforts to stuff cheeseburgers into my face and lose weight at the same time.  Go figure.

Then, one day while perusing the minimalist blog there was a link to a zen site.  This site had something to do with health and for the life of me I can’t find it again, but I did take away from it a diet/eating plan that not only makes sense but is easy to follow and effective.  The diet is the Crap Ton Diet.  I’m not sure if crap ton is one or two words but I did look it up and a crap ton equals four shit loads.  That’s a lot!


So here is the gist of the diet.  You can eat anything you want but first you have to eat a crap ton of veggies.  That’s it.  Simple and to the point.  That also goes for snacks.  Want a dish of ice cream?  Fine.  But first you have to eat etc.  Glitches with this diet.  You always have to have a ton or four of veggies on hand and you have to do a bit of prep.  


You also get the bad news that M&M’s are not a veggie.  Nothing’s perfect!

Loveya – The Grandma


3 Oct

“The brick walls are not there to keep us out.  The brick walls are there to give us a chance to show how badly we want something”  Randy Pausch

Well I hope you can follow this blog because as I begin to write it I can barely follow my thought patterns about what I’m going to write.  I’ve recently been blown away by readings I’ve done about perception.  It seems that our lives evolve based on our perceptions/beliefs.  

Example.  Two groups of people were given identical tasks.  One group had the task described as work and the other group had the task described as play.  One group experienced a sense of fatigue and the other group a sense of fun.  Guess?  This and more provocative thoughts can be found in  “Mindfulness” and other books by Ellen J Langer.  “On Becoming an Artist” is another of her gems that just might kick-start a few would-be artists,

But the whole idea for this blog came from a sign I saw and photographed so I could share it with you.  The sign …


I went in to see if maybe there was only half a toilet seat or if the sink was dangling off the wall.  Maybe the person creating the sign didn’t know how to spell, accessible.  So how does this all tie together.  Beats me.  I’m just excited about new things that I’m learning.  And today I have to transfer some liquid paints to spritz bottles.  I signed up for an art class  It’s never too late.  Ellen J Langer told me so!

Loveya – The Grandma

Coming Clean

31 Mar

“Laundry room.  For same day service, do it yourself.”  Anon

I recently heard a talk by an educator who studies the Victorian era.  That’s the era when women didn’t marry young and boys wore pink.  Is there a correlation there?  We think not.

But besides that detritus I learned one amazing fact that’s changed my way of doing laundry and has helped my budget.  I learned that laundry detergent does not actually get clothes clean.  According to the educator, modern families have been sold a bill of good about the need for laundry detergent, which in fact is not a soap but a chemical that keeps dirt suspended once it’s released from clothing.  The washing machine, which causes the clothes to be rubbed, is what actually cleans clothes.

Being an inquiring mind that wants to know I decided to try this exciting and cheaper way of doing my laundry.  I’m about a month into this experiment.  I admit that when I do a batch of my husbands greasy work clothes, I add about one tablespoon of detergent to the washer.  Guess what?  My clothes look as clean without detergent as with detergent.  No, they have not developed an odor.  No, my husband has not noticed any difference.  In fact, I haven’t told my husband about this experiment.  

I do have a large jug of detergent in its usual spot next to the washer.  It’s almost empty.  If I simply use a tablespoon per greasy batch the remaining detergent should last about a year.  My husband doesn’t get greasy too often.  Compute the savings, my dear.  Is this the mad money you’ve been looking for?  Life is good!

Loveya – The Grandma


Elimination Diet Update

25 Mar

“Pray to catch the bus, then run like hell.”  Saying

I don’t know if the above quote is a “saying” or a “just saying”.  At any rate, I decided to research other methods for dealing with my head fungus besides the Elimination Diet.  Oh, dear, I searched for words besides head fungus to make the whole matter a bit more elegant but I’m too busy searching for solutions.

Number one on my list of things to try, besides the diet, is a suggestion to rinse your hair with a mixture of apple cider vinegar and water, 50/50, and leave it on.  That means, don’t rinse it out.  I imagine it might create a craving for a large salad with vinaigrette but that would be a small price to pay.  I tucked the info into my brain for access at a later date.  

Then I went out to dinner with a friend.  She recommended the flour-less chocolate dessert.  Of course, that is not on my list of acceptable foods, but I was already feeling the martyr and decided that one little deviation from my diet wouldn’t be disastrous.  I also had a french dip sandwich on a gluten free bread even though the au jus looked a bit thickened and I was momentarily concerned.

As I consumed these items I felt a bit like an alcoholic (emphasis on the ick) telling myself that one drink would be OK.  A short time later, while driving home, my head exploded.  The itch was unbearable.  Something had set off the itch and worse yet, the chocolate had me on high alert so I could stay awake to enjoy it!  I went to bed with hope in my heart.

A few hours later I finally gave up on sleep, got up, and took a shower with the intent to rinse my head with the apple cider vinegar potion.  Magically, it quelled the itch.  It also burned my tender scalp.  But I was soon asleep. 

I have one more item to try.  It’s a dandruff shampoo called Nizoral which has stunning, online reviews.  Unfortunately, it’s not to be used if the scalp is broken or inflamed.  I’ve been known to ignore more dire warnings than these.  How did ignoring warnings in the past work out for me?  Let’s not go there.  Will report on the Nizoral in a week or so.

Loveya – The Grandma 

Apology, Sort Of

4 Feb

“You can only give what you are…”  Richard Rohr

Don’t think the above quote has anything to do with today’s entry into my blogdom, but I like the quote so you’re stuck with it.

Today I need to talk about my continuing work toward a tidy house.  (See Jan 9 blog entry)  Most every drawer and closet are now looking their best.  Left to do is my art studio, which will take a bonfire to finish properly.

And then there are all the items (hundreds) that grace my house.  Mugs and artificial flowers and knick knack paddy whacks.  It’s now time to take each in hand, ask the magic question whether the item brings me joy, and on that criteria alone, decide its fate. Three large bags of such items now sit in the kitchen awaiting their trip to the thrift store.

And so I apologize in advance to those of you who’ve given me one-of-a-kind treasures (such as mugs with pithy sayings), may visit in the future, and find them gone.  This is not a reflection on your taste.  It’s simply a reflection on my state of mind at this time.

At some later date will I wake up and lament, “Why did I get rid of that mug that said, ‘It’s either me or the house.  Only one of us is going to look good’.”  Probably not.  

And what did I keep?  A rock.  A cutting board.  And a teapot I made in an art class many years ago.  They bring me joy.  Especially the teapot which generally brings about guffaws when people see it.  For some reason that’s never bothered me.  I love my little teapot, short and stout.


Like a child that didn’t turn out exactly like the other kids on the block.  Gotta love it!

Because I Care

12 Jan

“Not my circus.  Not my monkey.” Polish Proverb

Just recently a “friend” of mine had to go for their annual physical.  Nothing riding on it but their job.  This particular person has difficulty with moderation, especially when it comes to foods that raise BP and blood sugar.  What to do?

As an interested party I volunteered to cook low carb meals for the week prior to the physical, instead of serving what this person really wanted, first asking if they’d like my assistance.  My assistance was gratefully accepted and I slaved lovingly prepared meals in the kitchen for the week.

Joyfully, this “friend” passed their physical and sent me a heart-felt text which read, “Winner, winner, chicken dinner!”  I read between the lines and accepted the love and gratitude.  When I next saw this person I was informed that as part of the celebration for his successful physical he immediate went to a diner and had a mess of waffles with extra butter and syrup.

OK.  I get it.  I’ve been on a diet or two.  Sometimes in one day.  But really.  There is some information that shouldn’t be shared.  Like celebratory waffles.

Then another friend shared the proverb quoted at the top of this post.  So I decided to be a consistent helpmate and at the same time no longer cook two different fares.  Win win!  And to kick off this new way of  helping I ate up all the chocolates left from the holidays.  No temptation sitting around this house!  I am a good friend.

Loveya – The Grandma

Tidy Time

9 Jan

“Nature abhors a vacuum. And so do I.” ~Anne Gibbons

I happen to have a week off from my part time job, which I see as an excuse not to do deep cleaning.  No, the time off is not an excuse, but the part time job is.  I always insisted that I’d need an uninterrupted block of time in order to do the job correctly.  Well, there went my excuse.  I have a whole block of 10 days and the weather outside is frightful.  Also, the holidays are over so I can’t fret about all the things I have to do to get ready.

Side note:  I do not do any entertaining with my kids and grandkids in my home.  One bad meal and they insist that I come to their place for celebrations.  I’m not just a pretty face!

At any rate, I have this large block of time, which I saw coming from afar, and made a promise to myself that I would use almost every second to sort and clean my house from top to bottom.  Yes, I’ve done such things in the past with mediocre results.  But this time…

Fortunately, about two weeks before the big event I was listening to public radio, when a program came on about books – what to read, what’s wonderful, and all sorts of great information.  And behold, the first book touted was a book about getting your house in order.  The book is by Marie Kondo and titled “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up” – subtitle, The Japanese art of de-cluttering and organizing.

It seems that ever since Ms Konda was a little girl she had a passion for cleaning and organizing.  Sound like your childhood?  Not mine either.  Furthermore, Ms Kondo got so good at this organizing thing that she started a business.  Yes, she’s in Tokyo so I knew that having her come out and DO the work for me wasn’t going to happen.  But the promises about the success of her system were more exciting than the “How I Lost 10 Pounds in Twenty Minutes” headlines at the checkout.  I decided to buy her book.

Results?  Been at it for about a week using her system, which is unlike anything I’ve ever tried.  And yes, I’m following it to the letter.  Promises about success?  Marie (we’re now on a first name basis) has a three month waiting list for her services and states that none of her clients ever regress.  My own house is taking on a new glow.  My possessions are approaching a manageable level.  I’d love to send you a picture of my drawers (dresser, that is) but instead I’ll share a picture of a new piece of artwork I acquired.  And I now have more time to do my own art work!

HrtPic    Loveya – The Grandma