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3 Oct

“The brick walls are not there to keep us out.  The brick walls are there to give us a chance to show how badly we want something”  Randy Pausch

Well I hope you can follow this blog because as I begin to write it I can barely follow my thought patterns about what I’m going to write.  I’ve recently been blown away by readings I’ve done about perception.  It seems that our lives evolve based on our perceptions/beliefs.  

Example.  Two groups of people were given identical tasks.  One group had the task described as work and the other group had the task described as play.  One group experienced a sense of fatigue and the other group a sense of fun.  Guess?  This and more provocative thoughts can be found in  “Mindfulness” and other books by Ellen J Langer.  “On Becoming an Artist” is another of her gems that just might kick-start a few would-be artists,

But the whole idea for this blog came from a sign I saw and photographed so I could share it with you.  The sign …


I went in to see if maybe there was only half a toilet seat or if the sink was dangling off the wall.  Maybe the person creating the sign didn’t know how to spell, accessible.  So how does this all tie together.  Beats me.  I’m just excited about new things that I’m learning.  And today I have to transfer some liquid paints to spritz bottles.  I signed up for an art class  It’s never too late.  Ellen J Langer told me so!

Loveya – The Grandma

Just Like Mama Used to Make!

22 May

“Less is More”

A group of us were together the other evening sharing food and conversation when one of the women, Mary, who shall remain nameless, came up with a brilliant idea.  Yes, Mary is one smart cookie but this went beyond smart all the way to brilliant.

Mary said that she was tired of composting produce instead of eating it, but there always seemed to be meetings and other obligations that took her and her nameless husband, Mike, away from their home at meal time.  Then she remembered how her mother used to shop for meals.

Every day her mama would go to the neighborhood store, shop for ingredients for their evening meal, and cook that specific food for the day.  No piles of ingredients filling the fridge, begging for attention, and getting lost behind containers of leftovers.  “This is the way they shop in Europe,” Mary said.  I would have to Google that before I bought that statement lock, stock and barrel, whatever that phrase means.

At any rate, because penicillin has already been discovered, I immediately saw the wisdom of Mary’s words and even imagined that this way of shopping might also cut down on my composting along with my grocery spending.  And so we’re on the European way of grocery shopping, as soon as I get rid of all those unmarked containers from the freezer.

I imagine that my, and perhaps your, usual way of shopping is to buy whats on sale because it’s such a bargain, and whatever strikes my fancy, so I have plenty of unnecessary goodies in the house to pad my thinning body.  And anyway, aren’t these giant refrigerators made for a reason?  It’s a conspiracy, ladies, which is a great way to put the blame on someone else.  Onward!  Let’s see if this works!


Cooking Up A Life

10 Jan

“Don’t live the same year 75 times and call it a life.”  Robin Sharma

As a tribute to the New Year and the propensity to make resolutions that last less than 30 days, I decided to change the focus of my blog.  Recipes are fun but we all know to eat more veggies and less processed food.  So this year, or for as long as it can hold my own attention, I shall attempt to impart words of wisdom (WOW) as discovered through my own stupid mistakes.

Thankfully, I also have a group of wise friends, real and imaginary, to steal from.  Fortunately, my imaginary friends are not, for the most part, imaginary.  Many of them are awesome writers.  It’s our friendship that’s imaginary.  I tend to adopt people that I admire.  My first adoptee is Pope Francis.  Might as well start somewhere near the top.

First of all, I’m annoyed by people who are bowled over by the actions of Pope Francis.  I’m especially annoyed with Christians who find him exceptional.  Because actually, according to what I learned in the formative years of my Christian upbringing, Pope Francis is merely taking Christianity seriously.  He’s walking the walk.

I, too, intend to walk the walk as soon as I loose ten pounds and get my hair highlighted and pay off the 55-inch plasma TV.  Do you see where I’m going with this?  I’ll probably need another cup of coffee before I can actually see, or admit, where I’m going with this line of thinking.    I’ll get back to you on this.

Loveya – The Grandma



Chocolate Breakfast Smoothie

22 Nov

“I don’t even butter my bread.  I consider that cooking.”  Katherine Cebrian

As I approach the golden years (actually, I’m sloshing through them right now) I’m less enamored by cooking.  A conservative estimate of the number of meals I’ve prepared lands somewhere in the 45,000 range. I was never a mom who relied on fast food.  One point for my team.

But now I’m searching for easier ways to nourish my body without morphing into a serial killer wielding a cast iron pan.  Enter raw foods, my Ninja, and my Vitamix.  I am one happy camper and the world is safe from grandma run amok.

My breakfasts now consist almost entirely (unless someone is taking me out for breakfast and buying) of smoothies made in my Vitamix.  Lunch is usually a salad topped with goodies that are chopped with the assist of my Ninja.  No, I don’t have a masked man jumping around the kitchen chopping veggies.  The Ninja is the greatest, in my opinion, little kitchen appliance second only to the Vitamix, which would then make it the second greatest.  Maybe I shouldn’t have quit coffee, ya think?

Speaking of the Ninja – the model I bought a number of years ago, with the little motor thing on top, was around $40.  Prices have gone up but there are sales to be found.  Also, over the years, and with almost constant use, the little guy is functioning as good as ever, which is more than I can say about …  Strike that.



OK.  I got a picture into this post.  Are you all happy now?  It’s not like you can’t visualize a chocolate smoothie in a glass.  And look at how that straw stands straight up.  But on to the recipe.


1 large frozen banana

1 cup almond milk, cold

2 T almond butter (like peanut butter but made with almonds)

2 T cocoa powder

1 T chia seeds

1 T flax seeds

2 pitted medjool dates

2 large kale leaves


Throw everything into your Vitamix or blender and whip it good!


Right now you’re probably saying, “Does that wacko know how much a Vitamix costs?”  Right.  I also know how much all those pairs of earrings that you never wear, and those crappy food snacks…. Well, you get the picture.  We’re talking about your body, your health, your feeling of well-being, and priorities.  Anyone want to buy about a dozen pair of earrings that I never wear?  We’re also talking progress, not perfection!


The Grandma


Come Follow Me

6 May

“You can also go to hell for lying.”  Anon

My favorite email is from other bloggers who say they think my blog is really neat/great/etc and will be following me!  Drum roll!  What crap.

Even though I’ve received about a dozen of these there are seldom any visits to my site.  Think, think, think.  Oh, did I mention that the email also encourages me to visit their site and see what they’re up to?  What they’re up to is getting other people to visit their site.

My blog is about writing about …  That’s a good question.  Started with recipes but realized that we all know the difference between healthy and unhealthy food.  And if a person wants to live a healthy life they’ll figure out a way to make a salad, avoid junk food, and move their butt in some kind of exercise program.  So I’m simply going to noodle along and write about what happens, what irks me, and what I’m discovering as I go through life.

I discovered that you can’t believe everything that you read.  I discovered that it really doesn’t make any difference to my life whether anyone reads my blog.

Going to go out and start some work on my garden.  Need sunshine!  Love sunshine!

Loveya – The Grandma 

Happy Birthday to Me!

5 May

“Death is not the greatest fear.  Neither is loss.  Living is.”  Joel Peckham

Today is my 72nd birthday.  People get all excited about such things, when in actual fact, the only thing you have to do to reach age 72 is not die before the day arrives.  

WhirlCelebrated the actual event yesterday by meeting with my kids, some of their spouses, and a sprinkling of grandkids.  We generally meet at a breakfast restaurant that has a back room and is able to accommodate our usual group of 15 to 20 bodies.  


There are no pictures from the event except for pictures of some of the gifts.  Gifts included a garden decoration, a basket of flowers, and a callas lily with an owl in it.   There was also a T-shirt that, surprisingly, didn’t have an obscene saying on it.  My children are enthusiastically insane.

Oldest son, who traveled the farthest, showed up and announced that he had a list of conversation topics (five of them) to use if the conversation got bogged down.  He said in the event of such a lull someone simply needed to shout out a number, from one to five, and he would take over.  

Testing his list my daughter asked to hear about number three.  Number 3 – He had applied for a different job.  His current job is teaching at an alternative high school.  The new job, if he gets it, will be teaching at a college for young adults with autism.  His gaggle of adopted children qualifies him for such a position.

His second topic,which came up later during breakfast, was about passing his first kidney stone.  Does he have plans for additional stones?  He said that after a test the doctor assured him that the stone was the size of a grain of sand.  After he passed it, into a sieve for additional study, he asked the doctor where he got his sand.  He said he was going to have the stone made into a ring for his wife.  Fortunately, he didn’t share his vasectomy story on this visit.

We laugh a lot, tease a lot, and feel a whole lot better after being together.  I shared my plans for the new business that I’m starting mid month.  More on that later.

I’m blessed to have 4 wonderful children.  My children remind me that I have 5 children every time I make that statement.  I leave them to wonder who’s odd man out.  They’re not the only ones with a twisted sense of humor.

Loveya – The Grandma