Two Choices

28 Dec

“Life is short.  Jingle your bells.”  Eleanor Brownn

The above quote hasn’t got a lot to do with the subject  of this post but I like the quote so you’re stuck with it.  This post is actually about choices.

My husband got home very late from work and needed to sleep in.  (Yes, this will lead to great information about choices.)  I wanted him to get up before noon.  At a little past 10:30 I went into the bedroom and asked him if he were still asleep.  A version of ask a stupid question.  Yes, Virginia, there are such things as stupid questions.

He grunted.  I told him it was important that he help me make a decision.  I had to go to a neighboring town and pick up some pizzas and if he wanted to come with me we could stop at one of his favorite places for lunch and then go up the block from the restaurant to a chocolate shop for sundaes and then pick up the pizzas, or, I could throw together some lunch at home and then we could go for sundaes and pick up the pizzas.

My husband said that if I were a character in a book I would be a temptress.  I smiled.  No matter what his choice I was going to get, at the least, an ice cream sundae after lunch.  A great sundae, may I add.  He opted for door one.  The lunch items at home could be put away for tomorrow.  

Moral of the story – when giving people choices make sure that either choice is a win for you.  That’s a real win-win.  Or as our pastor said to me, “You are shameless!”

Loveya – The Grandma


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