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The Monday Message

23 Sep



“If you want to turn your life around, try thankfulness. It will change your life mightily.” Gerald Good

My husband and I have been married for 30 years.  The thrill is gone.  The comfort lingers on.

And along the way I forgot to have fun, until one evening I overheard a couple in a restaurant.  They seemed to be about in the 80’s.  When the waitress asked the woman if she wanted another glass of wine her husband said, “Don’t give her one.  She’ll get wild.”  “Oh, you like it when I’m wild,” she answered.  He smiled and winked at her.

OMG!  They remember to have fun.  I used to have fun until I started taking our relationship “seriously”.  What’s with that, I began to ask myself.

Not in the mood to rent a clown suit to spice up our marriage I opted for technology.  I decided that every Monday morning I’d email my husband, from my computer downstairs to his computer upstairs, and thank him for something.  This last week I thanked him for taking me and two of my friends out on our pontoon.  Just a short, to the point, thank you.  “You’re welcome,” he replied.  “There’s more where that came from.”

And then this last time we were out for dinner he followed me to my side of the car when we left the restaurant.  What’s with that! I wondered.  After 30 years he opened the car door for me.  Is this a changed life mightily?  It’s a lovely life.  Thank you.

Loveya – The Grandma

Healing Stone

1 Sep

“Humor is healing.”  Brad Garrett

I have a friend that lives a few hours away and so we solve the problem of staying in touch by meeting in the middle.  Fortunately, the town that’s most in the middle for us is an artist community that has a brew pub with delicious food.  

Our last scheduled meeting fell on a day when her new grand baby also needed a visit and so she was going to travel on after lunch to get a grand baby fix.  That meant that her husband, an incredible man, was going to be with her.   He needed a grand baby fix too.   He is also a gentleman and found the local library to explore while my friend and I visited the shops.

Our general itinerary is to visit our two favorite shops after lunch, but they were anxious to move on so I went alone.  And what to my wondering eyes did appear!  My very favorite shop had necklaces with healing stones.  I know what you’re saying.  Actually, I don’t, but I’ll bet that some of you are doubters.  If so, pay attention.

Next to the healing stone necklaces was a booklet that listed the healing properties of each stone so that the buyer could custom their purchase to their particular need.  I skipped the stones that promised ease of childbirth (I’m in my seventies) and the ones that went on and on about finding a soulmate.  My husband would probably look askance at that.

Finally, I found the perfect stone.  It said something about balance and joy and fun.  That’s me!  The stone I selected is a Red Snakeskin Jasper.   And it looks like this. 

 Healing I wear it along with my copper leave.  So far I’ve been pretty darn happy.  Thank you, Red Snakeskin Jasper.

And then I wore it to work and a young man who knows a bit about stones said, “I don’t think that’s a Red Snakeskin Jasper.”  OK.  Rain on my parade.  I even did further research on the stone when I got home (Thank you, Google) and found that it has all sorts of other properties.  My life is now terrific.  It even, according to some sources, is helpful in losing weight!  Sure enough, after I bought it, I was $35 lighter!

Loveya – The Grandma