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And Then There Are The Parents

17 Jun

“Every life has value.”

Last night I was together with a group of my lady friends.  I shared with them the story of my granddaughter’s recent wedding.  My granddaughter is loving and committed to her goals of being a dynamic partner to her new husband and a professional childcare worker.  I showed my friends a picture of the bride and groom with her siblings – all ten of them.

You see, after my son and his wife had three children of their own they started to take in foster kids with special needs.  Some physical, some mental, and some emotional.  They ended up adopting 8, to bring the number up to 11.  There is another young lady who just arrived.  Soon there might be 12.  

 My lady friends know a lot about my son and his life and my grandkids.  And yet, for some reason, the conversation veered off onto the subject of kids with special needs.  There was not much kindness in their observations.


My beautiful daughter-in-law and one of their special daughters

They started decrying the fact that those kinds of kids are being mainstreamed into our school system and are gumming up the works.  And what are they learning!  One of the women stated that the system might be better off with these kids out of there but then they’d have to be home with their parents.  “And the parents!” she said, rolling her eyes to indicate what she was certain that the whole world understands about the parents.

“You can’t control these kids and you’re not allowed to touch them if they get out of control,” someone said.  “Same with normal kids,” I said.  “Some of them get out of control.”  A few grunts of agreement.

I guess I’ll just have to write off their attitudes to the fact that they were drinking.  Experts seems to bloom with enough alcohol.  And soon enough they were on the topic of a lady in our town that they all disliked, a lot.  Maybe I should re-think my group of friends.

Loveya – The Grandma