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Coming Clean

31 Mar

“Laundry room.  For same day service, do it yourself.”  Anon

I recently heard a talk by an educator who studies the Victorian era.  That’s the era when women didn’t marry young and boys wore pink.  Is there a correlation there?  We think not.

But besides that detritus I learned one amazing fact that’s changed my way of doing laundry and has helped my budget.  I learned that laundry detergent does not actually get clothes clean.  According to the educator, modern families have been sold a bill of good about the need for laundry detergent, which in fact is not a soap but a chemical that keeps dirt suspended once it’s released from clothing.  The washing machine, which causes the clothes to be rubbed, is what actually cleans clothes.

Being an inquiring mind that wants to know I decided to try this exciting and cheaper way of doing my laundry.  I’m about a month into this experiment.  I admit that when I do a batch of my husbands greasy work clothes, I add about one tablespoon of detergent to the washer.  Guess what?  My clothes look as clean without detergent as with detergent.  No, they have not developed an odor.  No, my husband has not noticed any difference.  In fact, I haven’t told my husband about this experiment.  

I do have a large jug of detergent in its usual spot next to the washer.  It’s almost empty.  If I simply use a tablespoon per greasy batch the remaining detergent should last about a year.  My husband doesn’t get greasy too often.  Compute the savings, my dear.  Is this the mad money you’ve been looking for?  Life is good!

Loveya – The Grandma


Pretty Baby

27 Mar

“Real beauty is to be true to oneself.”  Laetitia Casta

I recently saw a post on my Facebook page from a mother whose daughter, approximately aged 8or 10, was being teased at school.  The teasing had to do with the young girl’s looks.  She was being told that she was not pretty.

The mother, in a demented loving attempt to restore her daughter’s self esteem posted a picture of her daughter and asked viewers to Like and comment on the daughter’s “beauty”.  I haven’t gotten around to participating in that beauty fiasco.

So we still think that the most important thing for a young woman to be is beautiful?  Is there any other message we can give young girls so such conversations don’t occur?  In today’s media beauty-madness probably not.

I received an email from my daughter-in-law today telling me that my granddaughter just graduated from school in the navy and is now a military policewoman.  She went into the navy after high school because she wanted the challenge of bootcamp.  She wanted to see if she was strong enough.  She’s lovely in so many ways.

Keeping me on the humble end of the grandma spectrum is my two-year-old granddaughter.  She found something soft in her diaper and gave herself a facial.  Mommy smelled something and knew her little princess needed a diaper change.  She looked over and AAARRRGH!  Not all grandma stories are brag stories.  Her face, however, does look amazingly lovely.  Maybe she ….  Forget that train of thought.

And next time you’re tempted to tell a little girl that she or her dress is soooo pretty, stop and think about it.  Anything else you might want to comment on instead?

Loveya – The Grandma

Elimination Diet Update

25 Mar

“Pray to catch the bus, then run like hell.”  Saying

I don’t know if the above quote is a “saying” or a “just saying”.  At any rate, I decided to research other methods for dealing with my head fungus besides the Elimination Diet.  Oh, dear, I searched for words besides head fungus to make the whole matter a bit more elegant but I’m too busy searching for solutions.

Number one on my list of things to try, besides the diet, is a suggestion to rinse your hair with a mixture of apple cider vinegar and water, 50/50, and leave it on.  That means, don’t rinse it out.  I imagine it might create a craving for a large salad with vinaigrette but that would be a small price to pay.  I tucked the info into my brain for access at a later date.  

Then I went out to dinner with a friend.  She recommended the flour-less chocolate dessert.  Of course, that is not on my list of acceptable foods, but I was already feeling the martyr and decided that one little deviation from my diet wouldn’t be disastrous.  I also had a french dip sandwich on a gluten free bread even though the au jus looked a bit thickened and I was momentarily concerned.

As I consumed these items I felt a bit like an alcoholic (emphasis on the ick) telling myself that one drink would be OK.  A short time later, while driving home, my head exploded.  The itch was unbearable.  Something had set off the itch and worse yet, the chocolate had me on high alert so I could stay awake to enjoy it!  I went to bed with hope in my heart.

A few hours later I finally gave up on sleep, got up, and took a shower with the intent to rinse my head with the apple cider vinegar potion.  Magically, it quelled the itch.  It also burned my tender scalp.  But I was soon asleep. 

I have one more item to try.  It’s a dandruff shampoo called Nizoral which has stunning, online reviews.  Unfortunately, it’s not to be used if the scalp is broken or inflamed.  I’ve been known to ignore more dire warnings than these.  How did ignoring warnings in the past work out for me?  Let’s not go there.  Will report on the Nizoral in a week or so.

Loveya – The Grandma 

Itchy Ears

23 Mar

“I’m allergic to attitude.”  Megan Boone

Maybe that’s my problem, which started about 5 years ago when my ears began to itch.  Ringing ears means that someone is talking about you, or so my mother told me.  Itchy ears can be a sign of an allergy.  Google this puppy and all sorts of words like “fungus” pop up.  Good grief.

Well my itchy ears blossomed outside of my ears and caused the sides of my head to rot.  Actually, it’s more like red and flaky.  A dear friend suggested I might have leprosy and said I might think of living a little more biblically.  He said all I’d need would be a bell and the ability to shout, “Unclean!”  Love my amusing friends.

I finally ended up at a holistic practitioner who assured me that there was something amiss.  That bit of info costs thirty-five dollars.  I think I missed my calling.  Her solution was an elimination diet.  It’s a diet that’s so strict that you wish someone would eliminate you.  Just kidding.

Actually, on an elimination diet a person eats only things that could not possibly have any additives that might cause a reaction, such as itchy ears.  My diet now consists of three identically structured meals.  That would be 3 ounces of organic, grass-fed meat and a plethora of organic veggies.  Note well:  potatoes, corn and peas are not included in the list of acceptable veggies.  Seeds, grains, nuts also not included.  Coffee is also a no-no as is any other caffeinated beverage.  How much mint tea can one person consume in a day?  Inquiring minds could care less.

I was warned to keep chicken to a minimum of two meals per week.  I think this woman belongs to “Save the Chickens”.  Bad news.  It’s difficult to find organic, grass-fed fish.  (Joke)  Good news.  There is such a thing as organic, grass-fed bacon!  (No Joke!)

I only need follow this eating plan for 4 to 6 weeks.  I’m also taking pro-biotics.  Now this post is getting boring.   

Loveya – The Grandma