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Chocolate Breakfast Smoothie

22 Nov

“I don’t even butter my bread.  I consider that cooking.”  Katherine Cebrian

As I approach the golden years (actually, I’m sloshing through them right now) I’m less enamored by cooking.  A conservative estimate of the number of meals I’ve prepared lands somewhere in the 45,000 range. I was never a mom who relied on fast food.  One point for my team.

But now I’m searching for easier ways to nourish my body without morphing into a serial killer wielding a cast iron pan.  Enter raw foods, my Ninja, and my Vitamix.  I am one happy camper and the world is safe from grandma run amok.

My breakfasts now consist almost entirely (unless someone is taking me out for breakfast and buying) of smoothies made in my Vitamix.  Lunch is usually a salad topped with goodies that are chopped with the assist of my Ninja.  No, I don’t have a masked man jumping around the kitchen chopping veggies.  The Ninja is the greatest, in my opinion, little kitchen appliance second only to the Vitamix, which would then make it the second greatest.  Maybe I shouldn’t have quit coffee, ya think?

Speaking of the Ninja – the model I bought a number of years ago, with the little motor thing on top, was around $40.  Prices have gone up but there are sales to be found.  Also, over the years, and with almost constant use, the little guy is functioning as good as ever, which is more than I can say about …  Strike that.



OK.  I got a picture into this post.  Are you all happy now?  It’s not like you can’t visualize a chocolate smoothie in a glass.  And look at how that straw stands straight up.  But on to the recipe.


1 large frozen banana

1 cup almond milk, cold

2 T almond butter (like peanut butter but made with almonds)

2 T cocoa powder

1 T chia seeds

1 T flax seeds

2 pitted medjool dates

2 large kale leaves


Throw everything into your Vitamix or blender and whip it good!


Right now you’re probably saying, “Does that wacko know how much a Vitamix costs?”  Right.  I also know how much all those pairs of earrings that you never wear, and those crappy food snacks…. Well, you get the picture.  We’re talking about your body, your health, your feeling of well-being, and priorities.  Anyone want to buy about a dozen pair of earrings that I never wear?  We’re also talking progress, not perfection!


The Grandma


With A Vengeance

19 Nov

“My strength is as the strength of ten because my heart is pure.”  Alfred Lord Tennyson

The above quote has nothing to do with cooking or recipes or today’s recipe which is for a mustard vinaigrette.  I liked the quote, however, (as I was looking up a suitable quote about strength) because whenever someone asks me why something works out for me I tell them it’s because my heart is pure.  Chortles follow my announcement.  Who needs friends!

The strength part of this entry is because I’m FINALLY back on track with my eating.  And as the title says, it’s with a vengeance.  And so I have a plethora of recipes to share, along with an occasional picture in case you’ve been living in solitary confinement eating gruel and can’t evasion what a certain food might look like.

Needless to say, which is one of my least favorite sayings, there will NOT be a picture with this entry.  It’s salad dressing.  It’s delicious, but you’re not going to get that from a picture.  Deal with it.

I love this dressing because:  it’s easy, it’s fast, it’s comparatively nutritious, and it’s been delicious on every salad I’ve eaten in the last week.  So I imagine it’s time to share the recipe.


1 T mustard, dijon or ground, I used ground

1 T olive or flax oil

1 t agave

1 clove garlic minced or pressed

1 T sherry vinegar – used some white balsamic which I had on hand

Fresh ground black pepper to taste


Put everything into a bowl and whisk it until it looks like salad dressing.  Pour it over your salad.  Eat.

Yes, you may double or triple this concoction if you’re dressing for a large salad and not at home alone, again, eating for one.  What’s with that?  Is it something I said?  Is it my cooking?  At any rate, while I obsess about my life and blow this minor issue into a full-sized pity party feel free to whip up a batch of mustard vinaigrette and fill your body with raw ingredients that will make you even more lovely.


The Grandma