Another Change!

11 Feb

WOW – “There is nothing permanent except change.”  Heraclitus

Dear Sweetie –

You’ve probably noticed that, once again, I’ve changed the name of my blog.  What is with you, Grandma!  Perhaps it’s too much coffee.  Or perhaps my life is changing at record speed and I need a way to talk about it.

As many of my loyal followers know (total zero) I began this column as a cooking column in an attempt to encourage healthy eating.  One of my friends read it while consuming large bowls of M&M’s.  Come on you guys!  You all know what healthy eating looks like and you’re all strong enough to put on your big boy/girl pants, depending on your fashion preference, and do what’s right.

Then I morphed this column into babble.  Blah Blah Blah.  That got tiring even to me.  All the while, however, I’ve been writing delightful and amusing letters (my bias) to friends and grandkids.  I loved doing it and they loved getting them, which they assured me of at Christmas  as they lined up to get their holiday card with twenty bucks in it.  It was also a way to stay connected, spew facts about my insignificant life, pseudo journal, and give the kids enough ammunition for a future sanity hearing.  Oh what fun!

And so I’m morphing this blog into a “Dear Sweetie” letter format.  As you can see, the quote at the top of the blog is preceded by WOW, which stands for Words of Wisdom.  Obviously, these are not my words but some quote that has meaning in light of the words that follow, or not.

For those of you who are slow readers rest assured that I’m typing this slowly to accommodate you.  Please feel free to comment, share this with your friends (both of them), and examine your own exciting life.  For you know what they say about the unexamined life.  We’ll get into that later.

Loveya – The Grandma



CT Diet

31 Dec

“Yes, but first you have to…”

I follow this blog about minimalist living.  That simply means getting rid of stuff, and not only material stuff.  There are so many advantages to this that there isn’t enough space to sum it up in a few words.  Check out becoming minimalist.

BUT… There was one other thing I wanted to minimize and that was the size of my body.  I had put on a few pound over the last few years and wasn’t getting very far with my efforts to stuff cheeseburgers into my face and lose weight at the same time.  Go figure.

Then, one day while perusing the minimalist blog there was a link to a zen site.  This site had something to do with health and for the life of me I can’t find it again, but I did take away from it a diet/eating plan that not only makes sense but is easy to follow and effective.  The diet is the Crap Ton Diet.  I’m not sure if crap ton is one or two words but I did look it up and a crap ton equals four shit loads.  That’s a lot!


So here is the gist of the diet.  You can eat anything you want but first you have to eat a crap ton of veggies.  That’s it.  Simple and to the point.  That also goes for snacks.  Want a dish of ice cream?  Fine.  But first you have to eat etc.  Glitches with this diet.  You always have to have a ton or four of veggies on hand and you have to do a bit of prep.  


You also get the bad news that M&M’s are not a veggie.  Nothing’s perfect!

Loveya – The Grandma

I Believe

29 Dec

“You want to know what you believe about life, look around you.  See what you’ve attracted.  What’s in your life is what you believe.”

I’m not sure where I got the above quote but it’s in a notebook of quotes and general thoughts that I keep.  I’ve been wrestling with this whole idea of my beliefs.  “We live into our beliefs” is another quote that I keep throwing around.

But then I take a good look at my life and begin to question whether I really believe in exercise, in reading good books, in filling my life with people who would be a positive influence.

Another quote that comes to mind right now is, “Heaven is steering and hell is drifting.”  Trying to steer my life but not sure which direction or what I should hold as important.  What should I steer toward in order to live in a state of Heaven?

Enough deep thoughts for today.  I finished my to-do list (my way of steering) except for putting some time in on my art projects.  Will do.

Loveya – The Grandma


The Day He Left Us

28 Dec

“There is a sacredness in tears.”  Washington Irving

This has been an especially difficult holiday season for the family.  My second son, in his early fifties, lost his struggle with depression and alcoholism and took his life.  He did this eleven days before Christmas.  

You might think that my overriding emotion would be grief, but that’s not true for me.  Grief is in there but it’s mixed in with confusion, helplessness, and anger.  I almost wanted to add relief, but that would seem so heartless and I don’t want to appear to be heartless.  I want to be seen as the grieving mother.

But my son was difficult, headstrong, and a people pleaser.  He was difficult because he didn’t follow the rules about taking his meds.  He was headstrong  because he insisted on doing things his own way, a way that didn’t work 100 times, but a way he was sure, this time, would work.  And he was a people pleaser, forever putting himself last and giving when he had no more to give until he was financially and emotionally bankrupt.  Then his wrecked self would reach out to me or his siblings.    

There were also the good times when his quirky sense of humor would have us all in stitches.  And he was musically gifted and used his gift to make a living and entertain elderly, children, and his friends and family.

I wish I had some brilliant way to wrap up.  Instead, I’ll have to sit with this for a bit longer and find a way through my feelings.  I also want to find a way to honor him and his life.

Loveya – The Grandma

Two Choices

28 Dec

“Life is short.  Jingle your bells.”  Eleanor Brownn

The above quote hasn’t got a lot to do with the subject  of this post but I like the quote so you’re stuck with it.  This post is actually about choices.

My husband got home very late from work and needed to sleep in.  (Yes, this will lead to great information about choices.)  I wanted him to get up before noon.  At a little past 10:30 I went into the bedroom and asked him if he were still asleep.  A version of ask a stupid question.  Yes, Virginia, there are such things as stupid questions.

He grunted.  I told him it was important that he help me make a decision.  I had to go to a neighboring town and pick up some pizzas and if he wanted to come with me we could stop at one of his favorite places for lunch and then go up the block from the restaurant to a chocolate shop for sundaes and then pick up the pizzas, or, I could throw together some lunch at home and then we could go for sundaes and pick up the pizzas.

My husband said that if I were a character in a book I would be a temptress.  I smiled.  No matter what his choice I was going to get, at the least, an ice cream sundae after lunch.  A great sundae, may I add.  He opted for door one.  The lunch items at home could be put away for tomorrow.  

Moral of the story – when giving people choices make sure that either choice is a win for you.  That’s a real win-win.  Or as our pastor said to me, “You are shameless!”

Loveya – The Grandma


Cooking for the Kids – Horror

7 Oct

“Just because you’re not sick, doesn’t mean you’re healthy.”

I stopped at one of my favorite restaurants the other day to pick up an order of BBQ Chicken Wings.  Yahoo!  I love chicken wings.

While I waited I had the pleasure of watching a cooking show where a mom, God bless her, who was homeschooling her kids, was also taking time to make them home cooked meals.

The show began with her making a large batch of mini-blueberry muffins the night before to make breakfast easier.  Good planning, mom!  Unfortunately, the mini muffins were the only item on the breakfast menu.  A big handful of sugary sweet muffins along with a glass of milk.  Not a great nutritional start to the day.

But then after a few lessons where the kids showed off their abilities to memorize dates in history, mom sent them outside to do science experiments while she prepared a snack for the little scholars.

So mom took graham crackers and spread half with peanut butter and half with hazelnut chocolate spread.  I was getting nervous.  Next she roasted some marshmallows right on her stovetop and inserted the melty marshmallows between two of the crackers.  Not a quitter, mom then dipped the sandwiches in melted chocolate, either milk chocolate or white chocolate.  I really didn’t think this snack could get any worse, but it did.

Setting her snack creations out to dry mom sprinkled some with crushed pretzels and some with rainbow sprinkles.  Can you say sugar rush.

Really?  This is a cooking show to instructs people on how to feed their kids?  And we wonder about ADD.  Really?  Nothing more to say, except – 

Loveya – The Grandma


Tweak It Originality

4 Oct

“Be yourself.  Everyone else is taken.”

All of my friends (both of them) have Faerie Gardens.  I love the concept but I haven’t been into faeries since I stopped working at that one restaurant.  (See: stereotypes)   

And then I noticed this large, misshapen dish I bought at a pottery clearance sale.  The dish was on sale because it came out misshapen.  The dish was also on the front porch filled with squirrel food.  What else do you do with a reject piece of pottery?

And then I came across this small goddess statue that I purchased during one phase of my life when I was doing the goddess thing.  That did not go as well as hoped for.  Perhaps more about that later.

Are you following this or do I need another cup of coffee?  At any rate, I scooped up some gravel from the driveway and bought some fake greenery along with some air plants, which contrary to their name do not live on air alone.  It took me three batches of air plants until I found that out.  You need to dip/soak them in water about once a week.  There – I saved you  some time and money.  You’re welcome.

Well, here is my creation.  I call it a Goddess Garden.  Moral of the story – think outside the box.  And maybe question who made the box.



She’s in my kitchen saving me from cooking disasters.  Don’t I wish!

Loveya – The Grandma